Pug Mill and Ash Conditioners

Pug Mill and Ash Conditioners

Pug Mill and Ash Conditioners

RAJDEEP is influential in providing our clients with custom-designed Pug Mill or Ash Conditioners. The Ash Conditioner is used in many industries primarily for ‘pollution control, mixing of water with powdered material’ applications. The Ash Conditioners are made of abrasion-resistant bolt-on paddles which ensure maximum wear life.
The Ash conditioner is fabricated in Carbon steel, SS304 with a rigid base frame with a removable cover plate that provides easy access to the internal section. It also houses anti-friction roller-bearing support shafts and split-type bearings that have dust seals.

The Pug Mill/Ash Conditioner is a versatile piece of equipment that serves a wide array of industries, especially where pollution control is crucial. This machine excels in blending dust collected from pollution control devices such as electrostatic precipitators, mechanical collectors, and baghouses with various liquids. This process facilitates the safe transport of materials without releasing particulate matter into the atmosphere. Moreover, the Pug Mill/Ash Conditioner enables the recovery of valuable metals like lead, iron, and copper, reintegrating them into the production stream. This feature is particularly advantageous in sintering processes, as it allows for the reintroduction of recovered dust into the production cycle, ensuring a more sustainable and efficient closed-loop system.

The Rajdeep Wooden-Works Pug Mill/Ash Conditioners are designed for uninterrupted functioning, and with the feed materials kept in a way that unbroken businesses can flow out of them, the machines can get materials from screw feeders or rotary valves.The equipment’s paddle blade configuration is optimized for the most effective mixing action, incorporating water through a system of atomized spray nozzles that can add moisture up to 30% by weight. These Conditioners are built for durability, available in either single or twin shaft designs, and can be constructed from mild steel or stainless steel to meet specific requirements.

The throughput capacity of these machines varies depending on the type and properties of the materials being processed. Rajdeep will customize the machine’s size, length, speed, and power specifications to align with the actual plant and capacity needs, ensuring a tailored solution for each application.

Salient Features:

  • Rigid construction
  • Optimal mix of water with solid.
  • Unique nozzle arrangement for proper water distribution
  • Avoids dusting during dust conditioning and discharge.
  • MOC: MS, SS304.


  • Steel and Non Ferrous – Beneath bag filter, Dust Storage silo’s
  • Mineral Processing
  • Chemicals
  • Distillery / Brewery
  • Food Industry

Advantages of Pug Mill And Ash Conditioners‚Äč:

  • The feed opening at the top can be adjusted to seamlessly integrate with equipment from various manufacturers. The design of the paddle shafts, featuring flanges at both ends, greatly facilitates maintenance by allowing for the easy removal of the entire assembly.
  • The timing gears, crucial for ensuring the paddles intermesh effectively, are encased within a robust oil bath housing. This casing includes both fill and drain points, as well as an oil level indicator, ensuring the gears operate smoothly for vigorous mixing action.
  • Equipped with four spray pipes connected to a single header, the system incorporates spray nozzles for efficient distribution of liquids.
  • Each pipe is outfitted with individual control valves, enabling precise metering of different wetting agents, and ensuring the optimal amount is delivered to the mix.