Agro Industry Innovations: Sustainable Farming Solutions

The agro product industry will improve both the social and physical infrastructure of India. The Indian agro industry has a huge potential, the significance and growth of which will never be erased. The agro-industry helps in processing agricultural products such as field crops, tree crops, livestock, and fisheries and converting them to edible and other usable forms.
Agro-processing conservation and handles of agricultural produce and making it usable as food, feed fiber, fuel, or industrial raw material. all operations from the stage of the harvest till the material reaches the end users in the desired form, packaging, quantity, quality, and price In Agro-industry troubleshooting operations are product handling and storage.

In agro industry RES provides:

  • Material handling equipment – lean/dense phase pneumatic conveying for the agro product with Compressor, Root Blower and Centrifugal Fan, Screw Feeder, Rotary Air Lock Valve, etc
  • Air pollution control equipment – Bag filter, DE system, Cyclone
  • Grain storage silo, Bin activator, weigh hopper with load cell, etc.
  • Weighing and Batching machine, Bag Dump station

Rajdeep excels in delivering distinct products and equipment tailored for the Agricultural and Grain Processing sectors, specializing in bulk material handling solutions like Acoustic Horns, Food Grade/Sanitary Stainless Cyclones, Bin Vent Filters, and Baghouses.

The Material Handling Specialists at Rajdeep are adept at designing and manufacturing a comprehensive range of products including cyclones, bin vent filters, product receivers, nuisance baghouses, and process gas baghouses, offering these in optional stainless steel to meet sanitary and food-grade requirements.

Given the highly combustible nature of dust collection in the Grain processing industry, Rajdeep prioritizes the safety of its customers by adhering strictly to OSHA Regulations pertinent to the Grain Processing Industry, ensuring a safe and compliant operational environment.

Agrochemical Handling System:

Agrochemicals, encompassing both chemical and biological varieties, play a pivotal role in enhancing crop yield and protection against threats such as pests and diseases. The meticulous handling and processing of these substances are equally critical. With decades of experience, Rajdeep is a leader in this field, offering specialized solutions ranging from individual pieces of equipment to complete turnkey systems.

Our state-of-the-art pesticide formulation Plant (Dry Formulation) incorporates technologies like Jet Mill, ACM, and Pulveriser, prioritizing safety, efficiency, and lower energy consumption. With capacities scalable from 120 kg/hr to 1000 kg/hr, Rajdeep provides both the reliability and flexibility needed in agrochemical management.


  • Comprehensive Agro-Chemical Management: Skillfully handles an array of agro-chemicals including Pesticides, Insecticides, Herbicides, and Fungicides for improved crop protection.

  • Advanced Ultra-Fine Grinding: Features an Air Classifying Mill (ACM) and Jet Mill to achieve precise molecular composition with ultra-fine grinding techniques.

  • Integrated Formulation Facilities: Offers a seamless blend of pre-blending, grinding, classifying, conveying, and collecting processes for efficient production.

  • Enhanced Material Suspensibility: Guarantees better suspensibility in the final products, improving their efficacy.

  • Consistent Product Quality: Ensures uniform homogeneity with post-blending processes to maintain consistent product quality across batches.

  • Energy-Efficient Operations: Designed for low power consumption, leading to significant energy savings.

  • Handling of Complex Materials: Capable of processing dust explosives, abrasive, and other difficult materials with ease.

  • Nitrogen Closed Loop System: Optimizes oxygen levels during grinding to reduce combustion risks, ensuring a safer processing environment.

  • Explosion Risk Mitigation: Incorporates safety measures like Anti-static and thicker GSM bags in Bag Filters, aligned with strict emission standards to prevent explosions.

  • Efficient Suspension Flow Technology: Utilizes technology to keep particles airborne through ducts for more efficient processing.

  • Enhanced Safety Protocols: Equipped with features to safely process potentially explosive agrochemicals, including Technical & Mencozeb materials.

  • Tailored Solutions for Hygroscopic Materials: Special grinding conditions for urea-based materials, incorporating necessary safety precautions.

  • Customized Milling Options: Offers Special High-Pressure Mills designed for handling dust explosive materials, catering to specific processing needs.