Air pollution control system

Air pollution control system

RAJDEEP has been involved in providing our clients with a wide range of Air pollution control systems to maintain a clean & green environment. The dust collector separates dust particles from the airstream and discharges cleaned air either into the atmosphere or back into the workplace.

Today, the role of air pollution control system cannot be underestimated rather its job is highly valued as it will ensure the little or no negative impacts on the health of Greenville’s workforce and industrial growth. Oftentimes, attention is drawn to the environmental problems, and the standards in this area are getting stricter and stricter, and it is necessary to invest in such reliable solutions as the industry. At our Facility, we supply products that are wholeheartedly designed to assist customers in meeting regulatory standards but also to ensure control of air pollution at various industrial sites.

All our systems of high-quality materials above market standards and the latest technology are put in place to provide performance and reliability at the highest level. Many scrutinies are used in various areas for hardiness, dependability, and durability. Our deep knowledge of air pollution has enabled us to offer tailored solutions that meet the unique requirements of each nation or organization.

Based on the rating of our company as a leading service provider, we are more than willing to help you determine the right air pollution control system for your project, thereby enabling us to help your system work safely and effectively. We are at your service and endeavor to not only comply with your requisites but also contribute to a cleaner, more health-conscious atmosphere for everyone involved.

Our Proven Capabilities in Air Pollution Control System:

  • Successful installation of Dust Extraction System – 100 m3/hr to 300000 m3/hr gas volume.
  • Successful installation of Bag Filter for high-temperature application.
  • Bag House for flue gas cleaning.
    Bag Filters for Product recovery.
  • Bag Filters for Furnace Dust Collection

Necessity for Dust Collectors
Cleaning dust from the air is necessary to

  • Reduce employee exposure to dust
  • Comply with health and air emission standards
  • Reduce nuisance and dust exposure to neighbors
  • Recover valuable products from the air

Types of Dust Collectors

Cyclone separators separate dust from gas streams using a combination of forces, such as centrifugal, gravitational, and inertial. Cyclone separators create a dual vortex to separate coarse from fine dust.
The centrifugal force created by the circular flow throws the dust particles toward the wall of the cyclone. After striking the wall, these particles fall into a hopper located underneath.


  • Have no moving parts
  • Can be used as pre-cleaners to remove coarser particulates and reduce the load on more efficient dust collectors
  • Can be designed to remove a specific size range of particles

Wet Scrubbers

Rajdeep’s in-house scrubber range for Air Pollution Control is comprehensive, enabling the selection of the most cost-effective solution to any dust controller or air cleaning problem, large or small. The Dynamic Scrubber offers>99.5% dust collection efficiency in the 1-2u range. It is ideally suited to general dust collection on medium to high dust loads.


  • Proven design.
  • Very low cost for high efficiency.
  • Integral self-cleaning fan.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Low water consumption.

Bag Filter/Bag House/Dust Collector/Dust Extraction System

These collectors provide more complete cleaning and reconditioning of bags than shaker or reverse-air cleaning methods. The short cleaning cycle of reverse-jet collectors reduces the recirculation and redeposit of dust. Also, the continuous-cleaning feature allows them to operate at higher air-to-cloth ratios, so the space requirements are lower. Dirty gas enters from the bottom of the bag house and flows from outside to inside the bags. The metal cage prevents the collapse of the bag.

Cartridge/Pleat Type Filter

This type of collector employs perforated metal cartridges that contain a pleated, nonwoven filtering media. Due to its pleated design, the total filtering surface area is greater than in a conventional bag of the same diameter, resulting in reduced air-to-media ratio, pressure drop, and overall collector size.

Available in a wide variety of media and end fixture configurations:

  • Dia. 150 x 1000 mm long Dia. | 150 x 2000 mm long Dia. | 225 x 500 mm long
  • Dia. 225 x 1000 mm long Dia. | 325 x 500 mm long Dia. | 325 x 1000 mm long


  • Have a high collection efficiency of dust
  • Can have high air-to-cloth ratio (0.8 to 1.4 m3/min/m2)
  • Have increased efficiency and minimal residual dust buildup due to aggressive cleaning action
  • Can clean continuously
    Can use strong woven bags
  • Have lower bag wear
  • Have small size and fewer bags because of the high air-to-cloth ratio
  • Some designs allow bag changing without entering the bag house
  • Have low-pressure drop for equivalent collection efficiencies