Polymer Industries

Long-term stability and maximum operational reliability are highly sought in plastic compounding, polyester production, plastic granulation, and plastic film recycling. No business can afford for its systems to sit idle. Rajdeep’s pneumatic conveying and dust collection systems have proven themselves to handle the rigors of plastic processing in multiple applications.
Our feeders handle materials from polyester fiber strands to TiO₂. Our in-plant bulk material transfer systems are offered in both dense and dilute phases to meet the materials needs of your process. For dust removal, our air filtration systems have kept plants and personnel safe for years.

Additional Polymer Industries applications for our products and systems include:

  • Pneumatically feeding additives, fillers, and other raw materials to extruders
  • In-plant bulk material transfer systems
  • Bulk bag unloading
  • Plant dust control systems
  • Feeding polyester fiber strands, polyester chips, PTA powders, TiO2 and carbon black
  • Handling light and fluffy materials without contamination

Solutions For Plastic & Polymer

There is an increasing trend toward producing engineering plastics rather than metals for several reasons, including greater proliferation of electronic devices and creative packaging designs. This has greatly increased the demand for plastic materials. With this particular evolution howsoever, Rajdeep emphasizes being able to provide a variety of services that would consequently be directed towards optimizing the companies into the category of compounding and masterbatches. Our tailored offerings include:

– An advanced fully automated and pneumatic conveying system that transports a host of raw materials comprising calcium carbonates, talcs, polymers, resins, and numerous additives is configured in an efficient way from the time they dock till they are fed into the extruder.
– Complexing approaches of compatible blending in manipulating various gradations of polymers, aiming at the unique parameters that are needed for specific end uses.
– The material delivery is carried out using a pneumatic system (e.g. pneumatic conveying systems), which last product storage in storage silos until further processing.
– Leading-edge de-dusting device applicable for removing fouling and impurities detected in the conveying belt. This step is the most important one as it helps to preserve the purity and quality of end products, to go a couple of final stages, which are packaging.
– The myriad of bagging and pelletizing treatments targeting the final products in such a way that they are tightly enclosed and supplied ready for distribution, with exigencies of quality and client contentment in mind.

Rajdeep is steadily serving the thriving plastic industry by deploying the world’s best practices, which are not only meeting but exceeding current technological capabilities enjoying a leadership status in the various industries in which our clients are operating.

Solutions offered to plastic industry

The surge in plastic utilization spans numerous industries, marking a significant evolution in material application more than ever before. This shift towards plastics, primarily fueled by the trend of substituting metallic components with engineered plastics, alongside the proliferation of diverse electronic devices and innovative packaging solutions, demands adaptation and innovation within the compounding and master batch sectors. As production demands intensify, the imperative for automated processes becomes undeniable. In the realm of the Plastic & Polymer industry, the efficiency and reliability of material handling are paramount, touching every facet of the production lifecycle from raw material management to manufacturing, and onward to distribution and end-use.

Achieving operational excellence, encapsulated by goals such as six-sigma quality standards, process automation, lean production methodologies, efficiency optimization, and the alleviation of production bottlenecks, hinges critically on the effectiveness of bulk material handling systems. Challenges such as poor material flow are commonplace, affecting a variety of polymer forms including base fluff, resin, pellets, pastilles, and granules. These materials often suffer from issues like blockages, adhesion, unpredictable flow patterns, uneven discharges, segregation, suboptimal mixing, and deviations from the ideal first-in, first-out discharge sequence. Such flow problems can lead to material stagnation within storage bins, degradation of pellets resulting in the formation of fines, and cross-contamination between batches, all of which compromise product quality.

Moreover, the pneumatic conveying of plastics introduces its own set of complications, including the generation of snake skins, streamers, and angel hair—byproducts that can severely clog downstream equipment. To combat these challenges and enhance your plant’s productivity and efficiency, Rajdeep offers a suite of innovative products and solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you’re managing new resins prone to stickiness, feeding compounded plastics into an extruder or pelletizer, or eliminating volatiles in a purge vessel, Rajdeep is equipped to help you achieve consistent material flow and elevated throughput rates. With Rajdeep’s support, you can navigate the complexities of modern plastic handling and processing, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and high-quality production process.