Grain Malt Handling System

Grain Malt Handling System

Grain Malt Handling System

Rajdeep has established a solid reputation as an industry leader in providing engineered solutions for the automation of bulk solids handling. Provide the complete solution in Raw Material Handling for Distillery, Brewery, and food industry.

The malt and grain handling systems are pivotal for brewing, distilling, and food processing companies that utilize grains as the major ingredients. These systems are dimensioned to ensure that the transfer, storage, processing, or handling of grains and malted barley is carried out efficiently throughout the production.

Key components and features of a grain and malt handling system include:

  • Conveyors: There are different types of conveyors that we apply to move grain and malted barley around during the process. They include belt, screw, and pneumatic conveyors and bucket elevators.
  • Storage Silos and Bins: Grains and bariumy whether still malted or after processing are stored in bins and silos before and after processing respectively. The shelves of such units often are fitted with tracking systems that help gauge the production and quality level.
  • Cleaning and Sorting Equipment: Grain and malt handling systems generally have cleaning and sorting equipment that are used to degrade impurities such as dust, dirt, and foreign materials from the grains before processing.
  • Milling Equipment: The barley humanly needs to be milled into certain-sized particles before it can be used for the brewing or the distilling processes. Grain handling systems may enlist milling equipment e.g. roller mills and hammers mills.
  • Weighing and Batching Systems: Assuring precise weighing and blending of grains and malted barley are of great importance to produce consistent quality. Automation might need a kitchen to measure and dispense the right amounts of ingredients.
  • Automation and Control Systems: Current grain management systems are frequently based on automation and control system technology which helps to monitor and control the entire process. This can involve the implementation of PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) systems.
  • Dust Collection and Ventilation: Dust removal and ventilation systems are essential to keep the workplace free and hazardous in grain processing plants. These systems contribute to the control of airborne dust and explosion prevention.

    In summary, an effective grain and malt handling system together with proper monitoring will make the production of beer, spirits, or other food products that depend on grains and malted barley as important ingredients more efficient and reliable. It aids in speeding up the production process, reducing waste, and upholding product quality and consistency. There was a new malt brewery lean phase system developed by the Pneumatic conveying company which built the 80m long conveyor installed to lift the bulk malt grain from the storage silos in front of the brewery to the store hoppers before the grain mill and mash in operation. Although the system deals with utility lines from under the street access road, it goes through an existing trench and is enclosed with covers before passing over the roof of the plant and heading to a certain destination.

Our System comprises of following sections:

  • Grain pre-cleaning and storing section. (Mechanical/ pneumatic handling)
  • Grain unloading from storage silo (Mechanical/ pneumatic handling)
  • Grain Cleaning & Milling System. (Mechanical)
  • Grain Flour Handling System ((Mechanical/ pneumatic handling)

Solution in Brewery :

  • Malt/Rice Silo Loading System.
  • Malt/Rice Storage Silos.
  • Malt/Rice Silo Unloading System.
  • Malt /Rice Cleaning System.
  • Malt /Rice Milling System.
  • Grist/ Adjunct Storage Silos.
  • Grist/Adjunct Discharge System.
  • Sugar Handling System (Unloading, Storage , Conveying).

Solution in Distillery :

  • Grain Silo Loading System.
  • Grain Pre-Cleaning System.
  • Grain Silo Unloading System.
  • Grain Cleaning System.
  • Grain Milling System.
  • Flour Storage System.
  • Flour Weighing Batching System.
  • Pre masher.
  • Complete Automation and De Dusting Systems

The following Rajdeep equipment package was provided for this Brewery Pale Malt Grain Pneumatic Conveying System:

  • A 7.5kW Side Channel Blower equipped with a filtered air intake.
  • 20 Rotary Valves featuring IECEX Hazardous Area Motors.
  • 80 meters of stainless steel SS304 76.1mm conveying tubework, including bends, clamps, and brackets.