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Having mastered the alliance of structuring, fabricating, and feeding Screw Conveyor, Rajdeep Engineering exhibits its ability to pull across horizontal, inclined, and vertical postures, it also specializes in all sorts of solid or liquid substances materials.

The spiral blades are liable to be propelled around the shaft at the entrance and on the other hand, they support at the end. This ingenious enumeration of the shaft angular speed provides, therefore, instantaneous information by which the material flow rate can be regulated using the shaft rotational speed.

Rajdeep Industries’ screw conveyors play an immensely crucial role which could be called the building blocks of various industrial processes. These mechanical wonders provide unsurpassed adaptability and flexibility which makes them unique in the world of industrial operations. The artisan is the person who can determine the rotation speed of the shaft as required and also apply machines where particular materials are required in the production processes. These attributes of continuous belt weighing classify them as an all-purpose kind of container appropriate for each weight-loss or weight-gain operation method.


  • Rajdeep’s Screw Conveyors are usually designed to suit specific applications as per Customer requirements.
  • Materials of construction are selected to suit the application (MS / SS304 / SS316)
  • Screw Conveyors are used as feed/controlling equipment.
  • Rajdeep Design & manufactures screw conveyors of size 50 NB to 750 NB of Up to 30 Mtr. length
  • Rajdeep designs & manufacture screw conveyors of “O ‘type OR ‘ U’ type.
  • Hygiene Design, Quick Opening Facility.


  • U Type Design
  • Type Design
  • V Type Design


  • Powder Chemicals Conveying
  • Steel Industry – Ash Handling, ESP Dust Conveying.
  • Distillery / Brewery – Flour Handling, Grain Handling, Malt Handling
  • Paint & Pigment Handling
  • Food Industry
  • Cement
  • Power Plants – Ash Handling


  • Efficient Material Handling: For perfect mixing of different types of particles, the impact mill obtains excellent efficacy and makes processes much easier.
  • Versatile Application: Appropriate for providing both horizontal, inclined, and vertical power-generating solutions. Such solutions can be applied even to the most demanding industries.
  • Customizable Design: Available within different sizes, timing, configurations, and construction materials, expressing condition/application requirements.
  • Controlled Material Flow: Regulates flow material rate with variable rotating speed. So, it fits tasks related to dosing very well.
  • Space-Saving Layout: Designing a compact and modular equipment system allows plant owners to benefit from installation without having to increase the space demands by much, making the process of integration easier.
  • Low Energy Consumption: Specifically; spends less energy giving a trend towards low energy expenses.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: Developed to mount and operate without difficulties and greatly benefit, no downtime and reduced labor cost.
  • Easy to Clean: Features that superbly seal their hinged reload/screw covers, making it even simpler to carry out cleaning.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction: Ultimately created for reliability, this can pass through numerous rigorous industrial tests.
  • Bottom Cleanout: Provide an easy flow of water for faster cleaning, and this in turn helps conserve resources as well as make the process easy and time-saving.
  • Efficient Distribution: Dispenses bulk materials to multiple points of service via numerous inlet and discharge lines. When placing an order, use the educational code PAPERSAVING to get a special discount for your order.
  • Enclosed Design: Perfect for the dusting or the corroded ones. They are hazard-proof and ensure safety as well as cleanliness.
  • Portable: Steering them has been made effortless thanks to the caster wheels that are repositioned effortlessly.
  • Durable and Long-lasting: Made most robustly from materials that resist wear and tear thus ensures that the item that will last longer will be produced.
  • Low Maintenance Cost: The maintenance costs and activities are minimal as the system is dependable and easy to use. This is because less maintenance activity is associated with fewer breakdowns.
  • Adaptability to Different Materials: Having the capability to move around a variety of products, such as the recycling of sensitive, abrasive or corrosive materials.