Telescopic Chute

Telescopic Chute

Telescopic Chute is designed for loading bulk material on trucks, containers, trains, ships, and inside storage. The Equipment is composed of inner cones or cylinders that contain the flow of material and an outer flexible bellow which limits the spread of dust.
Telescopic Chute greatly helps in containing dust thereby helping the environment to remain clean and dust free. To further improve the dust control feature, Rajdeep also manufactures Telescopic Chute having an integrated connection with a De-dusting system or bag filters.

Rajdeep recognizes the common industrial need for out loading bulk solids in powder or granular form, a task that demands significant expertise to streamline automation. Our extensive array of solutions caters to bulk material loading applications. Telescopic chutes, integral to bulk solid handling processes, ensure the dust-free and safe outloading of powdered and granular materials onto trucks, tankers, ships, and stockpiles. Typically positioned beneath silos, hoppers, or integrated at the terminus of conveyors such as screw feeders, elevators, or pneumatic conveying systems, these chutes facilitate the efficient transfer of bulk materials from the upper side to downstream vehicles, ships, or stockpiles without any dust emissions or product loss.

Unloading bulk solid materials in powder or granular form is a common practice in industrial plants, necessitating detailed technical expertise to streamline and automate the process. Rajdeep offers a diverse range of solutions tailored to bulk material unloading applications. Among these solutions, telescopic chutes play a pivotal role in bulk solid handling operations. Telescopic chutes ensure the dust-free and safe unloading of powdered and granular materials into both closed and open trucks, tankers, ships, and stockpiles. These chutes are typically mounted beneath silos, and storage hoppers, or installed at the discharge points of screw feeders, bucket elevators, or pneumatic conveying systems.

How Telescopic Chutes Work ?

At the core of the telescopic chute system by Rajdeep lies the efficient discharge of powdered or granular bulk solids through a vertical column, utilizing their own weight while capturing any dust within the enclosed column. The flexibility of the column compensates for the varying height between the upper discharge point and lower loading point. A mechanical winch system enables height adjustment while ensuring a closed area and unobstructed passage for high-capacity loading. Depending on application needs, various types of chutes, abrasion cones, dust collectors, and similar equipment can be integrated into the entire loading system.

Salient Features:

  • Wide range of models are available for a wide range of needs
  • Suitable for different bulk solids conveying and stock systems
  • Loading is possible from different equipment like silos, hoppers, screw feeders, conveyors, etc.
  • Limit sensors to avoid overfilling
  • Conical discharge fits different tanker inlets.
  • No spillage and no waste
  • Materials with high temperatures about 250 C can be loaded.
  • Food grade telescopic chute are available
  • Dust free working Environment.


  • Cement
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Mining materials
  • Fly ash
  • Coal dust
  • Gypsum
  • Plastics
  • Ceramic powders
  • Flour

Benefits of Telescopic Chute Systems in Material Handling:

Telescopic chute systems have many favorable features that make them the preferred method for such facilities in most industries. Here are the key benefits: Here are the key benefits:

1. Enhanced Efficiency: Telescopic tube-based material chutes help loading/unloading of bulk material faster and with less chance of material spillage conveying superior production yield.
2. Versatility: These dynamic chute systems provide processors of aggregate, ores, grains, and so on with the ability to adapt and handle many materials with different properties.
3. Environmental Sustainability: Advanced telescopic chute designs include among their features contrasting dust emissions and environmental impact throughout the process of materials transportation. This corresponds with the aspect of sustainability.
4. Improved Safety: The safety aspect is very important in all the material handling operations and telescopic chutes are equipped with intelligent safety devices to make sure that operators in the process are safe and accidents are prevented.
5. Cost Savings: The systems’ operational efficiency is prosecuted through the reduction of material wastage and downtime. Thus, companies enjoy cost-saving increases. What is more, these would imply the long lastingness and low operation costs for cost efficiency.
6. Easy Installation and Integration: Specially created for easy installation and incorporated well with currently operational equipment, telescopic chute systems are planned to have no service interruptions plus they can run smoothly.