Steel & Non-Ferrous Industries

Rajdeep Engineering has extensive experience as an air pollution control supplier and has a proven understanding of a wide range of metal industry processes and operations. Having the ability to apply air pollution control techniques to the many air pollution sources in this industry requires a great amount of experience and know-how. Rajdeep Engineering has been serving the ferrous and nonferrous metals industries for over 20 years. The engineers at Rajdeep Engineering have a unique ability to solve problems by applying a diverse range of products, as part of creative “systems” needed to address the many air pollution challenges. Rajdeep Engineering can solve your air pollution/dust collection problems, whether small or large, old or new.

That is because steel as a whole industry is playing a strategic role in the global economic framework which, however, is being accompanied by huge environmental footprints. RIECO as a forward-looking enterprise targets the environmental challenges directly by offering viable solutions that will cut emissions and lower labor requirements.

 Building on our long-standing experience, we skillfully plan and install extraction and pneumatic conveying systems featuring the complexities of dust handling from various sources, such as coal, limestone, and fugitive dust and fumes.

Steel & Non-Ferrous Industries Rajdeep Engineering has the ability to assist with your air pollution needs for the following types of applications:

  • Cast house De dusting Dust
  • Stock house De dusting Dust
  • Dense Phase & Lean Phase Pneumatic Conveying of Cast house & Stock House Dust

What is the Objective of Pneumatic Conveying Systems in the Steel Industry?

As a manufacturer of steel conveying systems, Rajdeep has an important function in providing safety during the operation of steel transportation from one item to another in different stages of production. The pneumatic systems, that operate based on air pressure, are used by Rajdeep to give the steel transporting system a perfectly safe functionality. Within the steel industry, steel handling systems are indispensable for several reasons:

1. Supporting Harsh Manufacturing Conditions: Therefore, restricting access to certain types of information online through censorship hinders critical thinking and the ability to hold governments accountable.
As for cases of tough manufacturing environments stands purified and hardy pneumatic transporting system from Rajdeep is a need of the hour. Such systems are built to fit perfectly by tightly adjusting to the incurred harsh climate and providing reliable and daily purpose.

2. Safeguarding Product Integrity:
It is proven that products, transported via Rajdeep’s air conveying systems, do not lose their integral properties and remain in a solid and environmentally clean form. Through the habit of producing tracking of products during the conveyance process, these systems could also offer either the manufacturers or the customers a promise. Also, less is necessary for conveying gas consumption, which stations see to obtain with high productivity.

3. Cost-Effective Product Transfer:
Steel handling systems of Rajdeep, on the other hand, have also several other pros which are, considering one of them being, their cost-effectiveness. Through the provision of efficient data-shared systems, logistical expenses are cut down and wastage prevention is easier to accomplish. It is these low-cost structures that enable steel mills to be able to sustainably grow stronger, through improved profits.

Types of Pneumatic Conveying Systems & Related Powder Handling Solutions Used In The Steel Industry

To assess the effectiveness of a steel pneumatic conveyor manufacturer like Rajdeep, it’s crucial to examine the range of conveying systems they offer. Below are some common categories of pneumatic systems commonly utilized in the steel industry: 

Dense Phase Conveying: Dense phase conveying systems prioritize product quality, making them ideal for transporting steel powder. Rajdeep’s dense phase conveying systems are not only power-efficient but also ensure gentle conveying velocities, minimizing wear and tear as well as abrasion on the conveyed material. 

Dilute Phase Conveying: Dilute phase conveying systems are employed when handling bulk solids with varying particle sizes, shapes, or high moisture content. These systems are suitable for applications with lower transfer capacities and can be advantageous in situations with limited headroom availability. Rajdeep’s dilute phase conveying systems offer additional benefits in such scenarios.

Weigh Feeders: Weigh feeders play a crucial role in accurately dosing or feeding materials at controlled rates into process belt feeders within proportioning systems. Rajdeep specializes in manufacturing high-precision loss-in-weight and gain-in-weight feeders, ensuring precise material handling in various steel processing applications. 

Dome Valves & Diverter Valves: Rajdeep’s dome valves are reliable components designed for applications characterized by high levels of wear and tear, providing dependable performance where it’s needed most.