Auto Weighing & Batching

Auto Weighing and Batching

Auto Weighing and Batching
Through many years of expertise, Rajdeep has invented a specific control system that is highly efficient and suitable for bulk material feeders. This functionality helps you to add each ingredient quickly or slowly, gets the right amounts on its own, and mechanically tracks everything including the amount of food. It is convenient to use the same scale, weigh hoppers, or feeders that are equipped with a measuring mechanism, which constantly tracks the consumption of the product to compose the correct mix. What is more, Rajdeep provides calibration systems that help with volumetric measures of liquid (level), thus saving you time.

Automated weighing and batching system:

Contending with the handling of various substances. And yet the target weight for each can be extremely demanding before finally adding them to your process machinery. Your search ends here. Our weighing-batching system which robotically weighs the starting materials (powders, drops, etc.) for multiple ingredients makes it perfect if your plant operations need accurate weight determination in their various recipes. The Automated weighing and batching systems help in enriching the efficiency associated with the powder handling system. Coming up with customized solutions will not only increase productivity levels, accuracy, and precision; it will also ensure that there is minimum wastage and that you gain all the crucial data about the manufacturing process. An important point as well is that we safeguard against human errors and establish a reproducible weighing process for your use.

Rajdeep Engineers offers a outset of methodical weigh-batching system solutions that match your specific demands closer than anyone else. The fully automated weight batching that we propose is crafted for each specific purpose, giving you the ultimate opportunity to manipulate and customize your batch options.

Weighing and batching systems constitute a vital component of bulk powder handling systems since the accurate quantity of material is determined, and then the right amount of it is measured and transferred onto a certain container. The automated weighing and batching systems are very efficient at measuring up a container’s full container, such as process vessels, hoppers, mixers, blenders, or reactors, by delivering an exact amount of powder needed. They also function to ensure that the correct amount of materials shall be added to the mixture prepared during batching. Although the handling process of this technology has a substantial impact on the accuracy of the taste of food, the accuracy of the taste of food produced by this technology can be completely repeated.

Our solution for your plant starts with how you source your material, either through small bags, large bulk bags, jumbo bags, containers, or even all of the above, individually weighing & batching each component, mixing your recipe, trickling into containers, and/or transferring batch to the vessel, packaging lines, or any other destination, Rajdeep Engineers has a wide range of equipment that can meet any weighing & batching.


  • Effective design
  • High accuracy
  • Total integrated PLC control system
  • Customized design with a high level of flexibility
  • Sync up with Loss in weight/add-in weight mechanism.


  • Chemical
  • Construction chemical
  • Paint and pigment handling
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food industry

Various equipment used in auto weighing and batching system:

  • Screw conveyor
  • Rotary airlock valve
  • Feed hoppers
  • Weighing unit
  • Control unit
  • Pneumatic activated valve(BFV)


  • Provides for the highest level of inconsistency similar to your recipe, scrap, rejections, and wastage tolerance in the finished product. 
  • Takes away the need for the exact weight measurement through human hands, which allows for a higher accuracy degree.
  •  Being loaded with built-in safety functions for the operator’s survival is also a plus. 
  • From the minute mix sizes for consistent product creation to the addition of preservatives, flavoring, and colors, they give the perfect mix for the best quality product.
  • Configured such that operating rate and product quantity will be met precisely while making sure to not exceed capacity constraints.
  • Conduct regular machine checks to make sure the process goes smoothly for a variety of products.
  • Contributes to the quality of the end product, incorporating better processes.