Blender Cone Mixer

Blender Cone Mixer

Double Cone Mixer Manufacturer

RAJDEEP offers a Ribbon ‘U’ Blender Cone Mixer to facilitate the mixing of solids with high efficiency. Mixers are generally used for mixing & homogenizing powders, pastes & slurries. Addition of liquids into dry solids, granulation or agglomeration of powders by the addition of a binder liquid, crystallization cooling or heating

Salient Features:

  • Gentle action on the product through low power consumption
  • Fast mixing times with a high degree of mixing accuracy
  • Minimum heat generation
  • Self-emptying with zero product retention
  • Volume ranges from 1-10 m3
  • MOC-MS/SS304/SS316


  • Powder/ Chemical handling
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Paint & pigment handling
  • Food industry


  • U Blender
  • Conical Blender
  • Double Shaft Paddle Mixers.

vertical ribbon blender:

Rajdeep’s vertical ribbon blender lines up the finely ground solids for their efficient blending together. Being positioned in the center of the conical vessel of the ribbon blender with an electric drive, the design makes the material unmixed in all directions and gets tubulated resulting in well-mixed food. With extensive experience in this area, Naleep produced a wide variety of ribbon mixers that are used across industries examples are paints, inks, chemical processing, food processing, beverage production, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and plastics. 

Rajdeep puts its mark with a vertical ribbon blender which is one of the fastest, highest capacity batches mixers used to blend dry, free-flowing solids. A conical vessel combined with a carefully made helical lit rig agitator, blenders can multi-task in various steps within the manufacturing process. Whether you’re looking to make a quick snack or to prep for a party, our blenders are built with a proven agitator construction with a triple mixing action that will deliver your complete blending in a flash. 

The same lengths and the winding plan are purposely exacted to let materials move from the base of the processor, but not the dead spots and the end product is released fast. A Rajdeep’s vertical ribbon blender is a sizing option for machine sizes from 100 to 5000 liters. It is a machine of perhaps the highest versatility that can be used for most blending tasks.

Horizontal ribbon blender:

Rajdeep’s Ribbon Blender is a high-speed and high-capacity agitator, tailored specifically for homogenous blending of non-oily dry, granular solids. It consists of a linear metal tank with a horizontal U -shaped trough and a double helical ribbon mixer positioned inside so that it rotates in a clockwise manner, and undergoes thorough mixing. The agitator design, which is a proven technology, complements the vertical shaft design and mixes the slurry triply, thereby, increasing the blending rate and efficiency.

Each system layout in collaboration with ribbons’ dimensions and configurations is highly successful in overcoming materials’ movement challenges such as dead zones and feeding products faster. Ribbon blenders, available in different machine sizes of 100, 200 to 5000 liters, inhabit a broad market in the domain of mixing.

Over time, Rajdeep has emerged as a major manufacturer and provider of the only ribbon blender in India which has been specifically designed to carefully address the specific requirements of the individual customers or industries. Owning a great role in the food processing and feed industry, chemicals, petrochemicals, plastics, and flour milling we feature our ribbon blenders of high solid blending premixes and ready-made mixtures. They are well known for the precision and efficiency they give.

Horizontal ribbon blender Features:

  • Offered in various working volumes/capacities
  • Equipped with a ribbon agitator for center discharge
  • Capable of handling a wide range of batch sizes, starting from as low as 10% of the rated capacity
  • Designed to operate under both atmospheric and vacuum conditions
  • Features a centrally located flush bottom discharge valve
  • Includes stuffing boxes with easily disassembled housings; pure Teflon gland packing provided