Small/Jumbo Bag Dump Stations

Small/Jumbo Bag Dump Stations

RAJDEEP’S bag dump stations (also known as manual dumping stations) collect dust generated when dumping powder and bulk solids from bags, boxes, drums, and other containers, and return the material to the hopper. The system eliminates material waste, also protecting workers from dusting during material charging and preventing plant contamination.

RAJDEEP’s bag dump station is available in carbon steel with durable industrial finishes or in SS 304 / SS304L / SS316 / SS316L in industrial or sanitary finishes.

Rajdeep’s Batch Dump Station can successfully integrate dry bulks in different types of machine processes including blenders, agitator mixers, bins, size reduction equipment, and pneumatic conveying.

Our automatic bag dump station discharge station allows bag emptying of product in either powder or granule form creating soft attrition while reducing the dust release within the facility. Created such a way that the machine would assure the highest operator’s performance keeping air free from contamination.

The process of emptying old containers by bags, boxes, drums, and buckets, naturally generates the dusting in our systems. To resolve this issue, this station of bag dump integrated dust collection system has a system in place. In this arrangement, only over 50% of the processed material is wasted and there is no need for location-independent dust collection units, thereby utilizing space to maximum efficiency. The cyclic dust collection system comprises one centrifugal blower that is coupled with a reverse-pulse jet filter. Such a configuration is effective in separating the vigorously stirred-up particles, and the fine powder. Thereafter, it returns into the process, thus this is done to avoid wastage Through the collection of dust our equipment ensures stable and non-­explosive atmospheres, provides clean entrains and at the same time captures all of your smoke for reuse and recycling.

While utmost care is taken during the material transfer from the evacuation bags, boxes, barrels, and other containers into collection chutes, dust is unavoidably produced. Through its integrated cleanup system that captures material waste without the need for manual cleaning or separate dust collection setup, iDump systemizes the process and eliminates any waste of production time, therefore optimizing efficiency. 

Efficient dust collection does not only avoid the formation of explosive atmospheres but also diminishes the pollution by collecting it in the process, allowing for reusing, thereby, increasing yields. The system has a counter suction blower with a reverse pulse jet filter that creates differentiation between solids and gases and re-circulates collected dust for re-use. 

In particular, with no human involvement (automated process) during normal operation, this collection is done in a hassle-free and reliable manner. 

Salient Features:

  • Integrated Design with Dust Collection & Exhauster for powder and bulk solids charging/emptying.
  • Avoid Dust Generation
  • High-Efficiency Filtration System.
  • MOC: MS / SS 304 / SS 316 / SS316L with Industrial or Sanitary Finish.
  • Special Design to serve the application.
  • The compact, self-contained unit consists of a fan, filter elements, start/stop controls, and a holding hopper.
  • Integrates easily with pneumatic conveying lines, screw conveyors, Mixer Charging, reactor feeding, and virtually any process equipment.
  • Online Pulse jet cleaning to maintain filter media effectiveness
  • Front access to filter elements for easy changing
  • Depending on charging Capacity various MODELS are available.


  • Powder Chemicals Handling.
  • Steel
  • Petrochemicals
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Distillery / Brewery – Unloading of Grains
  • Paint & Pigment Handling
  • Food Industry
  • Cement


  • The ergonomic design also makes it so that every operator can operate at their full potential. 
  • Automatic cleaning, in addition to audiovisual alarms, substantiates filters operating maximally. 
  • Apply the vast array of eco-tourism opportunities either currently available to us, or available with some social-economic transitioning, and you will observe a fundamental shift in the relationship between humans and the environment. 
  • In conformity with a wide variety of downstream devices, like mechanical or pneumatic systems of conveying. 
  • The contaminant-free design ensures sanitation standards are taken care of. 
  • Compact in a way that is enabled for use with much flexibility for easy plugging and seamless operation.