Rotary Airlock Valve

Rotary airlock valve

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RAJDEEP irlock Valve is designed as a discharger, pneumatic feeder, and batch feeder.

Rotary Airlock Valves: The major point of material handling regulation in the manufacturing industry is that it helps to eliminate the negative impact on the environment and personnel through people’s exposure to the hazard.

Rotary airlock valves (AVs) are the major devices that can be identified in several diversified process industries, these AVs are employed to distinctively and accurately control the feeding or taking away of the material, which eventually has to become a routine procedure. The valve, a masterfully designed valve by Rajdeep, is an important element of the proper pneumatic conveying systems run as it performs the key role of ensuring there are no air leaks between different pressure areas.

Rajdeep designs an uncommon valves design model type in which all of the valves effortlessly function under tough conditions, later on the holding model has been finished offering everything easy to clean. However, for special applications of the valves like neutralization and suction of the carbon black, then the tailored valves will be provided by Rajdeep to ensure that they meet the stringent processes involved in industries and manufacturing sectors. The level of ingenuity and competence coupled with years of design experience and prototyping is what makes Rajdeep your most preferred supplier of an arsenal of valves that can deliver precise results every time the job calls for them. 

Our airlock valve rotor, which is equipped with eight to ten vanes, utilizes a geared motor, to supply the continuous and reliable performance that customers have come to expect. The valve design is characterized by a rectangular-end connection that can be cast iron or stainless steel housing with a rector-vane assembly that is mounted in a horizontal position. The external side of the drive is joined by a casing cover whereas the opposite part is associated with a mechanism that drives the device. 

Customers can elect to either go for a direct drive or chain drive in their units, helping to match the functions of the systems perfectly for the making of precise management of the feeding and discharge of the fine powder or granules from silos, hoppers, bag filters or cyclones into the leading pneumatic conveyors. 

Being aware of the nutrition sensors’ diversity across industries, we offer customized rotor and stator configurations that are most suitable for any application need. Thus, Rajdeep is committed to effectively addressing the said needs and demands of its customers. The team of experienced engineers is involved in the stage of closeness with the customers offering service of solution designing in a way, that can be completely adjusted suit to their own specified requirements. 

rajdeep is all about energy and excellence and provides rotary airlock feeders that are built and engineered to perform at the highest level with unsurpassable accuracy, to create a flow that guarantees a steady and productive operation. Understand how our drop-through rotor airlock valves might make your job of handling bulk materials easier and faster by reading this article. Reach out concerning our specialized rotary airlock valve solutions, if you would want to know more.


  • It has housing, end covers, and Casted or fabricated rotor
  • The housing and end cover can be made of cast iron and stainless steel as per requirement.
  • For special purposes replaceable blade type rotor design is available
  • Antifriction outboard bearings.
  • Air purging arrangement through end cover available as a special feature.
  • It has a fixed drive geared motor. For variable speed, an AC frequency drive is provided as a special requirement.


  • Fall Through
  • Drop Through
  • Pallet Design
  • Offset Inlet/Outlet
  • Quick Cleaning
  • High Temperature

Material of construction:

  • Mild Steel or Cast Iron 
  • Alloy Cast Iron (hardness up to 350 BHN) 
  • Stainless Steel 304/304L (optional polish and mirror finish)
  • Stainless Steel 316/316L (optional polish and mirror finish)

Salient Features:

  • Precision Construction
  • Casted Body
  • Multi-vane Rotor (with adjustable tips / Bevelled tips)
  • Sealed outboard bearings
  • Optional venting & purging
  • Packing Glands
  • Self-lubricating bearing
  • Pallet type Rotary Air lock valves designed for handling Plastic Granules to avoid jamming
  • Powder Design for handling Powder
  • Used for High-temperature Applications.
  • Sizes available 100NB to 1000 Dia. (Also Customized sizes as per requirement)
  • MOC: MS/ SS 304 / SS304L / SS316 / SS316L / Special Alloys


  • Silos Discharge Zone 
  • Cyclones and Bag Filters Exit Area 
  • Controlled Material Release 
  • Incorporation into Pressure or Vacuum Pneumatic Conveying Systems