Powder handling System

By divorcing manufacturing processes, we achieve the creation of adaptable, secure, and dynamic product installations. This empowers manufacturers to produce superior products with enhanced versatility and varied batch sizes. similar inflexibility, safety, and dexterity are natural to our Matcon powder handling results, performing in heightened profitability and success for manufacturers.

Mix-Blending Our blending systems guarantee effective mixing of powder, enhancing functional effectiveness while minimizing drawing time-out.

pack- packing  Efficiently apportion your powder-grounded products without any threat of isolation. Enhance outturn with automated and reliable quilting results. 

formulate-  expression  Precisely produce powder fashions directly into IBCs using automated filling for flawless integration into your batch processing workflow. 

clean- cleaning  Minimize backups and plant time-out by enforcing safe and harmonious washing procedures that are completely automatable and executable offline.

As an innovator in the field of powder handling, Rajdeep Engg is committed to advancing transfer solutions and bulk handling through a fusion of proven concepts and cutting-edge technologies.

Safety and customization 

 Rajdeep Engg designs solutions ensuring safe, ergonomic, and contained powder transfer using dense phase flow principles.

Simply outline your process constraints, and Rajdeep Engg tailors a transfer solution meeting your needs while preserving product integrity and operational safety.

Moreover, our expert team offers comprehensive support for entire powder handling systems, featuring customizable options such as cGMP design, PLC controls, or pneumatic controls. We provide validation packages for FDA services, including Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) and Site Acceptance Tests (SAT).

We Solve Your Powder Handling System Problems

Rajdeep’s powder handling outfit incorporates our patented Cone Valve Technology, designed to address a variety of powder inflow and constraint challenges. The Cone stopcock efficiently controls a different range of bulk powder in powder and tablet form, whether they’re raw powder or blended finished products.  

powder Bridging –  Address and help inflow issues caused by powder bridging.   

Rat Holing- helps expensive inflow dislocations due to rat-holing.  

Containment- ensure compliance with hygiene and safety norms while barring cross-contamination pitfalls.   

Powder Mix Segregation-  Combat powder blend isolation to achieve harmonious mass inflow.   

Leading Powder Handling Equipment

Rajdeep designs and manufactures powder-handling outfits aimed at enhancing manufacturing processes across colorful operations. At the core of the powder handling system is the IBC which features our patent cone valve technology. This is a unique valve that not only resolves the usual flowage difficulties with powders but also enables the delivery of powders in a controlled and safe manner. 

Intermediate Bulk Containers( IBCs)

 What are IBCs?  

 An IBC, short for Intermediate Bulk Container, is a strictly drafted, high-quality pristine sword vessel designed to grease the blending and transportation of maquillages between different stages of manufacturing.   

What capabilities does it offer?  

 IBCs empower manufacturers to uncouple processing stages, allowing for multiple processing ways to be conducted contemporaneously without interposing the product inflow. 

Cone Valve Technology

What’s Cone Valve?   

A Cone stopcock is an integral element of a Matcon IBC, featuring an unresistant’ cone deposited within the vessel’s outlet. When deposited on the Discharge Station, an active inquiry assembly elevates the cone, creating an annular gap that facilitates material discharge using mass-inflow principles.   

Why it Matters  

 The Cone stopcock serves as an exceptional discharging medium, effectively addressing colorful powder inflow issues. The lifting action of the cone disrupts bridged material and prevents rat-holing, thereby mollifying material isolation enterprises.   


  • Achieving Process
  • Improvement through contained
  • automated transfer
  • Improved containment
  • reduces operator exposure

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