powder transfer sytem

Powder Transfer System

Rajdeep’s powder transfer system (iTransfer) offers an efficient and reliable solution for transferring and dispensing bulk powders or granules. It serves as a notable upgrade to conventional mechanical or pneumatic material conveying processes, ensuring dust-free material transfer, particularly for processes requiring up to 10 m3/hr.

Our pneumatic powder transfer system prioritizes productivity alongside built-in safety and hygiene features, distinguishing it as a standout solution. It streamlines batch times and seamlessly integrates into existing processes. The system includes a suction device, a vessel with automated valves and regeneration type filter, a vacuum pump, intermediate piping and fittings, and a control panel.

Rajdeep’s powder transport system boasts a compact and modular design, making it suitable for applications with limited space constraints. It significantly enhances traditional material conveying processes, providing a dust-free transfer solution.

The Powder Transfer System (PTS) redefines conventional powder handling methods by leveraging both vacuum and pressure to transport powders as fluidly as liquids. This innovative approach eliminates the reliance on gravity charging, making multi-floor processes a thing of the past.

The Powder Transfer System (PTS) represents a significant advancement in process efficiency, offering comprehensive containment where needed, while also boosting production speed and improving safety and hygiene standards.

Batch times are significantly shortened, and existing process steps are seamlessly integrated, resulting in streamlined operations.

With over 5000 Powder Transfer System (PTS) installations worldwide across various applications, from charging reactors to emptying centrifuges and packaging powders under high containment, it has become a trusted solution.

The Powder Transfer System (PTS) excels in handling a wide range of powders with diverse characteristics, including ultra-fine (< 1 micron), cohesive, wet (above 50% moisture content), and those with very low Minimum Ignition Energy (< 1 mJ).

Its flat filtration system enables dense-phase conveying at low velocities (< 1-3 m/s) and high powder concentrations (above 50-150 kg powder/kg air), ensuring minimal segregation and particle damage during transfer, as well as minimal electrostatic charging.

The hygienic design of the Powder Transfer System (PTS) allows for full Clean-in-Place/Sterilize-in-Place (CIP/SIP) operations, enhancing its suitability for demanding manufacturing environments.

Key Product Features:

  • Seamless installation on existing reactor/blender/silo setups
  • Compact and modular design for versatile deployment
  • Reliable and clean material handling method
  • Capability to charge various vessels effortlessly
  • Utilization of TC end connection for enhanced performance
  • Guarantee of contamination-free material handling
  • The dust-free operation ensures a clean working environment

Components Used in Powder Transfer System

  • Powder feed hopper / Powder suction tool

  • PTS vessel with automated valves & regeneration-type filter

  • Vacuum pump / Control Panel

  • Intermediate piping & fittings